Happiness is the new rich,

Inner Peace is the new success,

Health is the new wealth,

Kindness is the new cool.


“Quality Taste and Beauty are in proportion,

and Diversity and Individuality exist together”


Founder of SuperOrganic®︎, OASISBANK Chairman. A mother of 3 children.
Delicious has lived in many countries for 20 years.

After college in the US, Delicious engaged in contemporary architectural design and construction PM from 1998 to 2010. Delicious has worked on a numerous well known companies & clients. Those who Delicious studied during the construction era are Bernard Tchumi, Zaha Hadid, Leonard Newcomb, Hariri & Hariri, etc. In 2002, R.O.I LLC founded as a company that makes use of NASA development software and proposal of structural design technology with excellent design to architects and overseas LLC companies. In 2004 the work involving Delicious was permanently preserved in the Paris · Pompidou Center. Delicious also worked on a large-scale development LLC PM to many small-scale houses.

In June 2015, Delicious was appointed Japan’s representative director of the World Organic Agriculture Asian Federation (IFOAM ASIA), and founded OASISBANK, an international NGO that supports rapidly growing sustainable food procurement in Asia. Establishment of organic banks to support organic spread in Asia and consultation of organic city for administration.

In December 2016, Delicious founded SuperOrganic HD K.K. and announced the “Ethical Convenience New Business Style with urban BENTO revolution”, Delicious is also promoting the creation of the 1%Organics Movement which educated consumer’s awareness in supporting the organics. Delicious also is striving to realize the social impact left in 1 trillion industry and the Millennium generation as an organic and ethical leader company in World.

SuperOrganic®︎  | BENTONIPPON®︎  | 22nd Century Museum of Vegetables  | 1%Organics 


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