Wanted: English Teacher 2019.4〜

SuperOrganicSchool English Teacher Description

English Teacher for young learners age 5years to 12 years.

Base Requirements

If you currently reside in Japan you must hold a valid residence/visa status that allows you to live and work in Japan and possess a valid resident card or Certificate of Alien Registration (“gaijin card”). In addition to this, before submitting an application to become SuperOrganic English Teacher, 

  1. Be a native-level speaker of English.
  2. Have acquired an education delivered in English for at least 3years for young learners age b/w 5years to ElementaryHighSchool.
  3. Have graduated from a university with at least a bachelor’s degree (in any subject).
  4. Be professional in all aspects of behavior, a team-player, flexible, cheerful, and energetic.

While not required, it helps your chances if you:

  1. Hold a driver’s license.
  2. Have teaching experience.
  3. Have a teaching qualification, e.g., CELTA, DELTA, and TEFL.
  4. Have the experience of studying a second language at school or university.
  5. Can speak some basic Japanese. 

Status of Residence/Visa

If you currently reside in Japan you must hold a valid residence/visa status that allows you to live and work in Japan. You can also work if you hold a Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of a Japanese National, Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident, Special Permanent Resident, and Long Term Resident status.

Expectations During the Recruiting Process

 it is expected that you:

  1. Immediately and completely respond to our communications and office requests.
  2. Have your documents complete, neat, organized, and sent at the right time.
  3. Come to your interview/seminar well presented in business attire, meaning suit, tie, etc.
  4. Show an understanding of the opportunity you are being considered for.
  5. Show a willingness to be flexible.
  6. Are polite, articulate, and well-spoken and can demonstrate cultural sensitivity.

Expectations Once You Become an SuperOrganic Teacher

 it is expected that you:

Salary from ¥200,000~・

  1. Will comply with the laws of Japan and the expectations and processes associated with the administration of the law.
  2. Will comply with the spirit and letter of the Group’s values and ethics.
  3. Will uphold good character and behavior both at school and during your free time.

Work hours  13pm~19pm

Work Schedule Minimum of Three days/ week 

Work place Komagome Station/ Roppongi Station 

Management Company SuperOrganic K.K.  Mrs.Yuka Sato



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