SO SCHOOL (English)


Fostering diversity and intelligence for children to be better equipped for the 22nd century

I am Rika Delicious from SuperOrganic Holdings. These days, we often hear the words “bilingual education”. The cost of raising a bilingual child is very expensive. At SuperOrganic School, we have a unique program. We offer an original program in which children learn multiple themes simultaneously in English. Our unique program is designed for children to become bilingual and develop the right hemisphere of the brain and their senses without spending a fortune. We believe no other place offers such a unique opportunity for children, before they even develop their first language, to learn from an early age, Maths, Science, and Society in English. In addition, by tasting organic farmers’ seasonal produce, children will develop resilience, becoming resourceful and effective problem solvers through gaining a wide knowledge, from global socio economic issues to seasonal food. They will have fun in eating the fresh organic food that they harvest and cook. You will be surprised to see how much your child will enjoy eating a variety of vegetables and fruits. Every Saturday there will be field trips planned. Children will develop an understanding of the economy and learn young entrepreneurship in a team through visiting Organic farmers and selling their own produce at the farmers’ market.

In addition, through our education exchange with India, children will learn Maths, IT skills and meditation. They will be better equipped with their skills and ability of self-control to survive in the 22nd century. It is a unique school, just once a week after school, without much change in your busy weekly schedule! We promise our small class size and one-to-one attention to children will provide a very nurturing and supportive environment.


We offer

・Building Language Proficiency – Bilingual Education

・Critical Thinking & Meditation

・Environmental Knowledge

・Organic Cooking & Eating Method


We share

  • Songs
  • Rhymes
  • Word Games
  • Stories
  • Organic vegetables and fruits knowledge
  • Problem Solving activities
  • A vocabulary span which covers several thousand words.
  • Basic grammatical forms.
  • Native-like pronunciation
  • The Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids  
  • Peer Learning Group – helping each other in order to understand the lesson
  • Field Trip & Diversity Communication
  • Inspired by India, Japan multi-cultural exchange idea
  • Build a fundamental English Skill  on flexible timetable



SDGs with parents

World Social issue & equality learning session with a topic of Inequality Woman Empowerment


Rika Delicious(SuperOrganic School Founder):B.A. FineArts & Architecture  Rhode Island School of Design, Columbia University CityPlanning & Architecture, Harvard University GSD. Founded SuperOrganic company  in 2011, Board member of International Federation of Organic Association of Asia 2015-2017. Editor in Chief SuperOrganic Journal since 2017.

Lead teacher in English & Math Education :Nausheen Ayesha Khan:B.A  Indira Gandhi National Open University India 2015, Certified in TESOL, Oxford Tefl & Trinity College London,2015, Jack & Jill Foundation  Play School Seoni,  International Public School Seoni (m.p) , Uday Public School Seoni (m.p) , Gyan Ganga educational Society Raipur (c.g) , Kaanger Valley Academy Raipur Chattisgarh India.

Lead teacher in Food Education :Kaori Aruga :Born in Nagano. Her family runs a farm stay offering country side living experience.  Grew up eating super organic vegetables and rice-duck farming rice in a super green firefly flying country side. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School Kaori worked in the field of graphic design, display design, stage art. During that time she started her catering business. She also provides food styling service for events, individual parties and photo shoots. She is a mother. It has been 15 years since her journey of pursuing “Beautiful=Tasty” began. She will offer a learning opportunity of “Eating” for children based on her breadth of knowledge incorporating nutrition, economics and environmental perspectives.

How to eat delicious foods and the benefit of eating what’s in season?

There are many answers to this question

I can help children learn how to entertain family and friends through “Beautiful and Tasty” eating experiences and stimulate their senses to people who can make their way in the world.

What children learn at SuperOrganic School ?

By learning how to cook creatively they will foster their mental capacity, creativity and team work skills.It is a proven scientific fact that cooking which uses all the five senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch) stimulates the frontal lobe and boosts brain power.

At SuperOrganic School we don’t buy from supermarkets based on a recipe, but we examine the vegetables delivered from the farmer and check the taste then decide what to cook.We tackle the project of meal preparation by using their creativity, stimulating their mental powers and fostering team work.

Lead teacher in Farming:Ai Takahashi :Born in Shizuoka and resident of Saitama Ogawa-cho. She is a mother. Studied in the US as a exchange student from Joyo Gakuen High School. After graduating from high school she attended Humboldt State University in California majoring in Sociology. . During university she took a year out from university and went to France to study French. In addition she learned how to play cello during university and performed in concerts as an active member of the community orchestra. After graduation she got a job in San Francisco as a secretary and worked for two years in a music company. to which many European classical musician belongs. She returned to Japan in 2003 and started working at NHK in 2004. She has worked in the international section of the news bureau, involved in arranging live outside broadcasts of foreign correspondents, purchasing foreign programs and providing Japanese visual material to foreign media and also translation services. She married in 2015 and moved to Ogawamachi. Since then she works in central Tokyo while helping her husband’s farm. Since 2016 she started growing and selling organic flowers. In 2018 she gave birth to her first child.

What children learn at SuperOrganic School ?

Running around in the clear air, under the sun, feeling the soil I want children to learn the joy of growing crops with their own hands, and to feel the seasons with all their senses in order tonourish their heart and minds.
Assistant in Food education:Hitomi Fujita:Born in Hokkaido in 1985. After running a restaurant in Niseko Hokkaiko, gained her cooking skills by working for many famous food business (restaurants and wine bars) such as Trattoria Terzina in Sapporo (2013), L’art et Mikuni in Tokyo, Endo Rizaburo Shoten. She is studying Yakuzen (medicinal herbal food) and nutrition, and aiming to perfect “cuisine that keeps body happy”. She is also a mother taking care of her 0 year old.

Assistant Carer:Azusa Ito:Tokyo Kasei Senior High School , Tokyo Beauty Art Academy, After being selected as a finalist for Miss Universe Japan,  currently supporting SDGs study & seminar. Professional registered Babysitter & Tutor in Japan. 

Through babysitting jobs Azusa encountered many children with many characters and ways of thinking. She is passionate about responding to every children’s needs at the best of her ability. She would like to enjoy spending time with children respecting their individuality valuing the SuperOrganic’s ethos.




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