SuperOrganic School for young learners in Tokyo


SuperOrganic English School for young learners is available on every Friday Afternoon & Saturday from Sept. 2018 in Tokyo.





ファウンダー  リカ・デリシャス


Developing children for the 22nd century with diversity and intelligence

Nice to meet you, I am Rika Delicious of SuperOrganic Holdings Co., Ltd.  The founder of SuperOrganicSchool. While the educational expenditure for nurturing bilingual is huge in Japan the right amount of chance for those local Japanese community seems to lack.

At the SuperOrganic School starting its first class in Tokyo, we introduce an original program that enables children to learn the right brain and sensation superiorly by learning multiple themes through English, creating bilingual education without spending a large amount of educational expenses. It is a free style School.

Especially, from the early childhood who has not yet acquired the basic language, the opportunity to learn math and science in English will build their bilingual foundation. Also, by tasting organic farmers and seasonal ingredients, we acquire a wide range of knowledge  to the taste of the season and cultivate living wisdom.

At the gathering Organic table at our school filled with delicious meal, harvested wide variety of  vegetables and fruits everyone becomes thankful and loving of eating habits. Also every Saturday we learn a wide range of sociology, such as organic farmers, farm experience and demonstration of Farmers Marche experience, to develop young entertainers.

In addition, through cultural and educational exchanges with India, you will acquire skill and self-control ability to survive in the 22nd century by incorporating math, IT, meditation in the early age.  Join our unique school today.  It would be an honor to have children who love this school flirting in the world.

Founder RikaDelicious

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