From the Founder SOJ.vol_1

QUALITY TASTE AND BEAUTY ARE IN PROPORTION, AND DIVERSITY AND INDIVIDUALITY EXIST TOGETHERWhile writing this journal in my usual seat at the corner of Starbucks on their Ethical day, looking Jessica Alba, the founder of HONEST COMPANY, took over the Forbes cover titled the America’s Richest Self- Made Women. On the other hand, my university junior colleague just earned the title of the young IT millionaire by founding AIRBNB. This is it, the generation is “women and free lifestyle”.

I hear the words “guilt free” a lot recently. Guilt free food means to eat without feeling guilty equals sugar free and organic food is used in the ingredients. If eating sugars and additives (made by the modern society’ s rich successful people) are a guilty act we are reaching the end of the era of the cliché of SNS with sugar food and fast food.

It is said that conventional farming consumes 10kcal to make 1kcal, but superorganic produces 10kcal from 0kcal. Plowing, harvesting and eating the original power of life of microorganism rich soil without using pesticide and chemical fertilize is the answer to sustainable life. As a publisher my hope is to spread these superorganic values as wisdom of quality lifestyle to the next Health & Digital generation through design and creativity.

SuperOrganic Founder & CEO Rika Delicious


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