A modern woman, Chef & Dancer

While the world praises always the one who persuade in one professional field, I always have raised much respect in people who have talents in more than one or two fields.

Chatting with Syv Bruzeau, who I happen to have a chance to meet in Niseko,

is a grounded character in expressing her life through her passion such as creating food & expressing through dance. A modern woman.

Last year I wrote an article about “having more than one house is a natural state of human beings”  and now I strongly feel after meeting with Syv, that this concept can be also applied to our life, too. I don’t know if the rest of the world ever understand the connection between dance & cooking,  but to me  it was very super organic.

photo credit Chris Oon

Syv Bruzeau was born in France but Asia is a place that feels comfortable and natural for her to live in.

After completing a Master in Russian, English and Economy, she came to Asia where she traveled extensively, pursuing her curiosity and interest to experience different cultures. She subsequently opened a few restaurants (vegetarian) and outlets in the region. Bringing joy to people through food and creating with flavors and ingredients were the starting points of this adventure. Unfortunately making a business successful includes a lot less inspiring parts and can be exhausting.

At the verge of a burnout, Syv left f&b and rather suddenly decided to become a Butoh dancer. She went to the Himalaya to study this art form with a Japanese master, as well as NYC and Japan.

Butoh has become her home, a space of freedom and deep expression, a re-discovery, a healing and creative process. She believes art is one of our basic needs, and for her dancing is very empowering, humbling and rewarding.


A few years ago Syv had a cancer, which she saw as a message from her body and soul. She decided for alternative and natural treatments and above all to heal herself. At about the same time symptoms of fibromyalgia started as well and pain became her great teacher. Eventually she healed from cancer and fibromyalgia has lessen.

She considers herself lucky for the sickness and the pain. It allowed her to get deep insights, to forgive, to let go, to remember, and was an absolute transformative experience.

Moving to the countryside in Hokkaido where she lives now is a direct consequence of having been ill. She needs Nature who nurtures, nourishes, heals and inspires her. Hokkaido and its pristine water, clean air, good food, onsen, forest and space has proven to be a wonderful medicine.




Since last November, she is the owner of Niseko In-House Dining, a small and exclusive catering business.

In addition, Syv has just published her first book “Standing Naked in Front of You”, a narrative reflection while she was facing cancer and the peak of fibromyalgia.

Meet Syv this summer in Niseko while retreating yourself with lots of natural & organic fresh vegetables and hot springs❤️

Syv Bruzeau-Hokkaido


Rika Delicious, Owner & Founder of SuperOrganic, Activist, A mother of 3 children. “Quality Taste and Beauty are in proportion, and Diversity and Individuality exist together” instagram: rika_delicious

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