SkinAware in NISEKO

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SuperOrganic POPUP in NISEKO is featuring OrganicCotton Brand SkinAware this season. Despite that organic is understood as mainly food domain, SuperOrganic wants all of you to be more friendly with everyday fashion!

From the underwear to the coat will be available at our POPUP SHOP in NISEKO.

Self Aware —- A journey of discovery, finding the miracles of life lead to an awareness and sympathy of ourselves. Know yourself, be yourself.

Skin Aware —- Resonating with energy of the earth through our own skin that reminds us we are part of the precious Earth.

Products created through an ethical and sustainable process using organic cotton and botanical dye, we are sending a message and hope not just to the present, but to what awaits in the future.
In tune with the magnificent landscapes of our mother earth, SkinAware brings you “Aware”-ness.

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 Japanese lifestyle brand of One-mile wear and inner wear made with organic cotton. Based on fair-trade, using certified high quality organic cotton with various color palette created by botanical-dye. SkinAware offers the collection with a message of Aware-ness for Earth, Nature and yourselves.

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Hiromi Kani portrait crp



Hiromi Kani
Launched ladies’ brand COCOON in 2001, and started Skinware in 2004.
Developed uniform of Expo in Japan and 
for Shiseido. Involved in branding and design work for several global brands such as Uniqlo, agnes b. and Tiffany.
Relaunched Skinware in 2014, renewed the name as SkinAware in 2017.


→for shop information. It is a snow white dome in Hirafu next to wild bills.


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