Before getting into a topic on one of my favorite photographer Yoichi Watanabe, check out this interesting art, what is it?

the answer will be given at his talk show on the 15th@hirafu188 in our SO camp,



SO camp_NISEKO【 THEME: #Reimagine 】【Feature: #art #nisekonature


Yoichi Watanabe, a Creative Director of Stuben Magazine & Photographer will be giving a small Exhibition “WHITE FOREST” @hirafu188 during SO camp.


渡辺 洋一
1966年生まれ、北海道ニセコ高原在住。ウパシ プロダクション主宰。スキーヤーとして雪国に暮らし、雪を求め世界を旅して写真を制作。1990年代よりニセコの人々とパウダースノーを写真に収め、映像作品『ruwe』シリーズ、写真集『NISEKO POWDER』、専門誌や広告に発表。同時に国内外のスキーシーンを撮影し写真集『雪山を滑る人』を発表。近年は写真展「白い森」「後方羊蹄山を滑る」、写真集「BROAD LEAF SNOW TREE」など地元ニセコを題材にした作品を発表する。スキー史や雪国の風土をテーマに、さまざまな表現方法で発信を続ける。http://yoichiwatanabe.jp/

Yoichi Watanabe
Born in 1966, resides in Niseko, Hokkaido. SuperViser of Upas Productions. He is a skier living in the yukiguni (snow country) producing photographs on his worldwide search for snow. Since his relocation to Niseko in the 1990s he has documented the people and the powder snow through photography; creating the video series ruwe, the photography compilation book Niseko Powder, and material for advertising and ski magazines. During this time, he also created the book Gliders of the Snow Mountain documenting the domestic and international ski culture. More recent works utilize material from his local area, Niseko, including photography exhibitions Shiroi Mori (The White Forest), Shiribeshi Yama wo Suberu (Skiing Mt. Youtei) and the photography compilation book, Broad Leaf Snow Tree. He continues to publish various works exploring the history of skiing, the natural landscapes and cultural phenomena of the snow country.

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