Driving Force with Trail running

Be driven into the wilderness by the Spirit

—not metaphorically, but literally


I just read an article written by The Rev Christian Hawley on TrailRunnerMagazine and felt a same feeling I had about relating this running experience with Religeion and getting so driven forced into becoming a trail runner.

Falling in love with one and only way to enjoy new running life off city with Trail running was the  fastest way to retreat 5 senses.

When I first started to run in Niseko 7years ago, my friend Yoshi (who is the owner of outdoor espresso coffee shop SPROUT  in Niseko) recommended me to run Hangetsu Lake by the bottom skirt of Mt. Yotei.


Coming from Urban jankey life of 20years, not only challenging mountain climbing but running in the mountain trail was an exotic and the most scary experience. A mile, a minute, a paw, a foot, the crystals of ice and snow … everything vibrates at the same natural frequency.  At the top of the mountain, I climb up the old fire tower. and Pray nothing. My father was once a priest at the church and therefore growing up in an environment so closed to prayer on table and in church, but never been so close to be a true prayer on my spirit on the peak after following my own trail.


The Rev Christian Hawley says

To my church friends, try going outside. Go to the mountain to pray. Be driven into the wilderness by the Spirit—not metaphorically, but literally. The poet-prophet Wendell Berry wrote, “[The Bible] is a book best read and understood outdoors, and the farther outdoors the better.”

GO out to the wilderness with a pair of sneakers.  FIND your own trail and ground.

SO camp_NISEKO JULY 14th-16th 2017  with NAOTO MIZUSAWA, Trail runner  & Tecnica running shoes


rikablogpic2Writer: RIKA DELICIOUS : SuperOrganic Founder & Owner. instagram: rika_delicious,




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