summerlife in NISEKO

J’ai la palate just opened!

Hi, writing this blog by sitting in a beautiful view of Mt.Yotei in the most sunny day to start May.   I keep coming back to NISEKO to organize a camp and a tour based on ORGANIC & ETHICAL concept to give some impact to the area & people from the city.

but again, being in so close to the nature and farming dailylife, the word Organic is almost too artificial….

This week SuperOrganic is finishing up with our last SETO ORGANIC LEMON, so the color lemon or yellow reflected on my life shot,

Love this magazine #powderlife #summerlife
with our lemon bento by BENTONIPPON
honestbee’s very classy contena shop is right in a center of Hirafu
with Matt from vacationniseko and the hottest veggie burger now in NISEKO view plaza!

I can’t wait for the yellow sweet tomato’s fresh juice from my kitchen, SuperOrganic fresh tomato is the best!!


FullSizeRenderWriter: リカ・デリシャス : SuperOrganic Founder & Owner. OASISBANK Co-Founder. A mother of 3 kids。instagram: rika_delicious,

DELICIOUS’s creative approach to Organic & Food for future found by her long term profession in Architecture & Structure Engineer Design background.

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