Beyond Organics Delivery

SOF was introduced in SavvyTokyo

One of my favorite supermarkets I used to love is called the Bread & Circus, an organic supermarket in Massachusetts.  I remember craving for the Firmented Tofu and Daikon “Japanese white radish” for a long time and when I finally found them in the store, I just can’t forget how happy I were then.

Well after many years, now that I am a mother and a wife, and running an organic veggie shop company in Japan,
I would love to be the home shop and farms of all those foreign mothers with young kids looking for the safe and familiar organic vegetables in Japan.

My idea of SOF is somewhat influenced by the experience of being foreign for many years, always craving for my motherhood vegetables in foreign country.

One of our regular veg box delivery customer Dinasha who happens to be a year old infant’s mother and a writer, has kindly introduced my company’s service in Tokyo.

They even photographed so lovely of our homemade Organic Organge Jam and garlic paste..!

The article may be the best way to learn more about us for those who’s considering organic veggie delivery services. The SavvyTokyo also has many life tips of Tokyo life as well, check them out now!

When organic becomes a trade mark rather than a secure healthy lifestyle – we have to adapt. In Japan, organic food is still allowed to contain about 30 different chemicals! The next label to look for you can trust is called Super Organic Food.

Thanks to the information on Savvy Tokyo with the very useful link to shop online it’s now as easy to get to your doorstep as any other online products.


Spring Campaign !! until April.5th

JOIN the SuperOrganic Community!  Try SOF’s Seasonal Veg Box!
SOF gives extra consideration to Agrichemicals, Chemical Fertilizers and Radioactive material.
If you are already a member, please introduce your friends,
if your friend registers officially you also get 20% off from your weekly veg box!
TRY our SuperOrganic VEG BOX for 20% OFF!
*Please write CODE: SOF2016 


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