0.01% CAFE



Excited to announce the success of collaboration of SuperOrganicFoods (SOF) and Rooms31, international professional trade fair, in Tokyo at the Yoyogi Stadium, September 9th-11th 2015.

0.01%cafestuffSOF was invited to collaborate with famous restaurants from all over Japan, present at the exhibit’s cafes. The theme of the café area being Asian&macrobiotic food, SOF provides some of their pure organic fresh vegetables to the Chefs to create their signature veggie wrap as a special dish for guests. Experiencing different tastes inspired from Asian cuisine with SOF.

In addition to enjoy this Asian inspiration, there will also be a photographic exhibition by Ikuya Sasaki & Toni Tanuchi around the theme of the event.

SOF established their food & lifestyle magazine, OCT mag in 2014. Written in English it is dedicated to global trend setters, looking for high quality healthy food, living on the fast track.

‘Wrap the endangered – detox the mind with SOF’:

Shonan Pops: chemical free popsicles with Asian flavour (coconut, pineapple and lychee)

And Marcobi: slow life Asiand taste macrobiotic bento

SOF for salad wrapping: two young Chef ladies from Durandelle (organic French restaurant in Sapporo) & Tosca (vegetarian restaurant in Kyoto) innovate salad wraps using fresh produce from SuperOrganicFoods




世界の食のトレンド FOOD FOR FUTURE by SuperOrganic


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