Encountering Beauty and Food in Ancient Times

IMG_5810GRANDAMA TABLE, a collaborative event called GRANDAMA TABLE, thanks to the collective efforts of Al Kechano’s Chef Masayuki Okuda, a representative culinarian of Japan, was held on a night with a new moon at MIHO MUSEUM situated in the mountains of Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture. Amid the ancient art collections, the event featured spiritual wine GRANDAMA from Italy.

GRANDAMA, a name given to wine made from grapes grown using natural farming methods, means “a great woman” in its birthplace of Italy.
The organic wine is made from raw materials and ingredients using no agrichemicals, chemical fertilizers or additives in all processing steps from clipping to bottling. It also is characterized by an affectionate sweetness like that of a mother, enhanced by its rich aroma, elegance and eloquence matured in the natural climate where its grapes are grown.


According to the method of food quality analysis originated in Switzerland involving crystalline energy, GRANDAMA has a mysterious beauty in its crystals.
With images inspired by the spiritual wine GRANDAMA and MIHO MUSEUM collections, Chef Okuda created a series of original dishes. The principal characters were vegetables grown using natural farming methods. Other players included indigenous food materials that trace back timelessly for centuries, interdependent with one-of-a-kind farming methods and the local food culture.

With food and wine materials created through farming methods and formulas in harmony with nature – reminiscent of ancient art collections — the chef created flavors by taking advantage of traditional vegetables grown in the Shonai region in Yamagata prefecture and focusing on “heirloom” vegetables in his original culinary style.

Common concepts existed there.

While anticipating Chef Okuda’s culinary creations that take advantage of the potential of each food item and bring the vegetables’ hidden elements to the fore, participants would be able to connect with something important from the past that have been forgotten through the “~ Encounter with Beauty and Food in Ancient Times ~ GRANDAMA TABLE.”IMG_5951Food, agriculture and ancient art are the grassroots of our human existence, cultivated for many years from ancient times down to the present. In a beautiful building boasting an ambience of ancient art, participants could enjoy experiencing through their five senses the art-like culinary dishes.

People recognize that humans have been sustaining their lives with the blessings of the woods and the earth. The “Feast of Food and Art” event impressed upon the participants that these values in their lives should be passed on to the next generation.


Independently owned restaurant Al-che-cciano opened in 2000, serving dishes with seasonal homegrown food such as indigenous vegetables. Chef Okuda is so focused on locally produced food that his menu introduces individual producers.

He was elected as one of the World’s 1,000 culinarians at Terra Madre 2006 organized by the Slow Food Foundation International Headquarters, Italy.

zgxxDL283SyfcLzYXdZUCZdMAHiXdpWDkvwtFsWeV7sSupervising Japan Night 2012 held during the Swiss Davos Forum 2012, Okuda also presented the Pope with food in the Vatican City at that time. In efforts to acquaint people around the world with food grown in Shounai, Yamagata prefecture, at home and abroad, he keeps himself busy every day.

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Location: 300, Tashiro Momodani, Shigaraki, Koka City, Shiga
Open Hours: 10:00~17:00 (Adm. accepted until 16:00)
Closed: On Mondays (or the following day when national holiday falls on a Monday)




世界の食のトレンド FOOD FOR FUTURE by SuperOrganic



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